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From participating in agility trials with her trusty pack member at her side or hiking with a pack of six dogs, Jessye has done it all! Rest easy knowing your furry friend is handled by an experienced, certified, confident and educated pack leader!
  •  Master Dog Trainer at Dave McMahon's Dog Training Academy
  • Professionally certified through DogTec Acedamy
  • Member of IACP (Internation Association of Canine Professionals
  • Volunteer through the canine & equine industry
  • Key speaker at Petsalive Rescue Foster parent Program
Sucessfully completed Canine CPR & First aid through DogGuru.
When Jessye was younger, she was often found spending her afternoons after school visiting her mother's booming Animal Chiropractic business and petting all of her four-legged clients. Jessye could name every dog that came into the office and tell you their breed, age and why they were visiting her mom.
Jessye peeked an interest in horses at a very young age when her mom would bring her along to meet all the horses she was working on. She began riding lessons at the age of six and almost instantly Jessye began begging and pleading with her parents to buy her a horse. Her parents told her that she needed to overcome the responsiblity of owning a dog first. Her parents suprised her and her brother with the most beautiful Golden Retriever puppy named Sadie. It was love at first sight! In the beginning, Jessye spent most of her days at obedience training with Sadie perfecting the greatest down-stay  and other basic commands. When that was mastered, Jessye was eager to try something new. Because of Jessye's  interest in Equestrian world and Show Jumping, She decided to build jumps  and obstical courses in her backyard for Sadie and often praticed until it was too dark to see! Jessye's parents nurtured her eagerness and partnership with Sadie and placed her in agility classes. Shortly after, Jessye was competing locally in agility demonstrations and trials alongside her furry bestfriend!
Before long, Jessye had opened her parents home( and heart) to 4 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2  guinea pigs, a bird and a ton(or school?) of fish. No one seemed surprised when Jessye came home with another animal in her arms to add to her pack. She was aware of all the animals in need and became a foster parent for a rescue that brought puppies to Canada from southern countries to provide them a better life. Years later, Jessye still advocates for local adoption programs.
Jessye had owned her own pet sitting business for 5 years, but took a break to recieve extensive training and experience as a kennel attendant, working with up to 45 dogs at a time. She is very passionate about canine behaviour, as well as dog walking and has researched and developed the perfect(in her eyes) program for all types of dogs. Jessye was also enrolled in the Master Dog Trainer apprenticeship program through Dave McMahon and actively applies what she has learned  to her clients & pack to keep their basic commands reinforced and any behaviour issues at bay. After completing the 15-month apprenticeship and gaining 1500 hours worth of experience, she wrote her 3-day exam and became a certified Master Dog Trainer.

Jessye avidly pursues ongoing continuing education and professional development by attending several seminars per year and keeping current on all industry literature.
When Jessye isn't walking or training dogs, you'll usually find her reading her favourite book infront of the fire, hiking the Niagara Glen, perfecting her palate for artisan cheese & wine, or just sitting back watching her dogs play. 


  • Insured through PROfur (Insurance for Canadian Pet Professionals)
  • Clean criminal record
If you're looking for an experienced, reliable and consistant dog walker, you've found your match!
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Meet The Pack
Don't be surprised if you find your pup socializing with one of Jessye's personal pack members. Her dogs were thoroughly trained in a pack dynamic, which allows them to encourage other dogs to strengthen their social behaviour and manners positively while interacting in the pack.
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  1. Remy (Bernese Mountain Dog) *Rest Peacefully!*
    Remy (Bernese Mountain Dog) *Rest Peacefully!*
    Remy was a rescue that required a lot of medical attention and rehabilitation. She bounced back after years of medical care, training, and love. Remy enjoys splashing in the water, squeeking her favourite toy and sitting on the pontoon boat up at the cottage enjoying the scenery. We miss her everyday!
  2. Bindi (Golden Retriever)
    Bindi (Golden Retriever)
    Bindi has been in training since she was 11 weeks old & recently mastered all obedience commands in TWO languages. Bindi has a great eagerness about her and loves learning new things. She is extremely friendly and always has this adorable smile on her face. Jessye hopes to enroll Bindi in scent detection training for Black Mold, as it will benefit a close family member who suffers from Chronic Lyme Disease.
  3. Zoey (Lab Cross)
    Zoey (Lab Cross)
    Zoey was found as a stray in October 2017. She needed to be completely rehabilitated as she was dog and human aggressive. We owe our extensive knowledge of reactivity & behaviour modification training to Zoey. She brought Jessye's training to a whole new level and we will be forever grateful.

Thank you, Remy!